Hello dear readers, I am happy and proud to say I am officially legal! I hit 21 just last week. It feel exactly the same, like every other year, not such a big difference.

Quick Summary of what I did on my birthday: As can seen above, I have order a dessert table although it cost quite a lot, but it was totally worth it. No regrets. I have always wanted my 21st to be memorable and “grand”. I had a little trouble with the color combination and it turn out pretty damn well in the end. I celebrated my 21st surrounded by my families and friends. It’s was beautiful. I can never forget about it.

Just wanna thank everyone who make their time to turn up and also for the well wishes.
I wanna thank my family – Parents, Brother & Grandmother. For doting me, as always.
My friends, for tolerating all my bullshit and nonsense.

A year older, hopefully a year wiser.

I am trying to learn to properly let go of the weights that were on my shoulder.
Stop looking for people that I could rely on and start to rely more on myself.
Start to really be happy and content with everything that I have.

Love, Me.


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