1st January 2018

A whole new year, 12 months, 365 days.
So much things to look forward to and yet, so much to be scared of.
So much had happened in 2017 be it good or bad.

Let me recall what major things has happened;
1. I decided to start working.
2. I decided to go for evening classes.
3. I decided to go for a clean diet (which lasted for four months close to five).
4. I decided to apologize to people whom I need to apologize to. 

In 2018, I am determined.
Determine to work harder than before.
Determine to work for things that I truly love.
Determine to go for a longer clean diet.
Determine to let go of the past.
Determine to start loving myself and opening my heart even more.
Determine to be truly happy.

Dear 2018,

No matter how fucked up 2017 was. I still hope for the best in 2018.
I still believe in “good things come to those who wait”.
I still believe in faith and fate.
I believe I’ll be able to go through all the hardship and accomplish greater things in life.
There are so much more adventure waiting for me this upcoming year.
I promise myself that I will try and be slightly more adventurous than before.
I promise myself that I will go ahead and be brave to try things that I have never tried.
I promise to make this year the best year yet.




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