Dear Girls,

To those who have been stood up on a “date” or hangout as I call it. I have officially join the damn club.

Yes, I got stood up today. With a guy whom I’ve met online. We’ve been chatting for a few months and finally I’ve felt comfortable enough to meet him and grab a supper. Little did I know, that didn’t happened.

I have never once thought I would ever meet someone online. I’m always afraid, afraid of being not enough, afraid of being stood up and amongst other little things. The day I finally gather my damn fucking courage and agree to it, I got stood up and it’s my first ever one. How fucked up does that sound?

I had my walls build, and as I was trying to demolish bits and pieces I ended up putting the walls back up and make it even harder to break.

Never again.

Yours Truly,



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