We are all Beautiful.

Hello Everyone.
You must be wondering what’s up with this post and well, let me give you a heads up. What I am about to say next, is based on what has happened to me in reality not long than a month ago when it started and obviously gotten so much worse that I decided to voice it out.

About a month ago, I was having a “clean-eating” healthy lifestyle. To maybe lose a few kilos and stop all the intake of junk foods and all. Then came this guy from my workplace whom I don’t really know that well but being polite we usually just greeted each other. He came up to me and said “Oh? You’re on a diet? Well that’s good! Because you really need to lose that few kilos.” Upon hearing that my mind went like, “what the hell is this guy talking about?” and I just replied him like “oh haha, yeah I’m doing a clean diet thing. Have been eating too much junk food lately.” Second thing that came to my mind was like, oh maybe this guy is just casually joking about it. Oh and how wrong was I with that thinking. Ever since that day, he would always come up to me and said, “How’s the diet coming along? You are still losing that few kilos right? because you really need to.”, “Hey, I mean no offence right, but you do know you’re like on the slightly bigger side..right?”. Most of the I would just casually brush it off and be like, “Yes, I know I’m fat and I did lose that few kilos.” blah blah blah. But it all comes down to a point when he started continuously rubbing it to my face. “Hey, you should ride a bike home, it might help you to lose some fats.”, “Hey, this clothes make your thigh looks bigger”, “Hey, you shouldn’t be eating this.” and so much more. My colleague wasn’t happy that I did not defend myself or stop him from “insulting me” so instead they told him off.

Colleague A said, “You know, regardless of whether she’s okay with you insulting her or not, you can’t be doing that to every other girl.”
Guy said, “I was just kidding. I am not insulting her, I’m just motivating her to work harder.”
Colleague A said, “Motivating? That is demoralizing. You shouldn’t be going around calling people fat and insult them and call that Motivating. You need to stop.”
Till this day, that guy still find this as a joke.

Last week, after I’ve ended my clean diet for almost two weeks. I was eating with my colleague when he decided to join us unannounced. Firstly, I have no problem with that because despite the things he has said to me, he is still an okay guy. Secondly, we can’t possibly ask him to move out of the seats right? So he looked over at my plate and said, “You do know that the chicken is rather fattening right? You shouldn’t be eating that at all. You should reduce your rice intake and take in all the vegetables, no meats at all”, at this point of time, I was getting a little damn pissed and irritated. I looked up to him and said, “Look, you can eat whatever you want and I can eat whatever fuck I want. I don’t need you to constantly tell me what I should eat and what I should not. If I wanna eat the chicken, I will eat the damn chicken. If I wanna eat rice, I will eat my damn rice. If I wanna go for a clean diet, dude I won’t even leave the office, I would just stay up in the office and eat my awful diet yet clean meal which consist of boiled chicken and egg. If you’re so up for clean diet, you shouldn’t even drink sweet drinks or soda.” with that being said, I resume eating my lunch but boy am I pissed.

You see, the reason why I’m pissed is not the fact that he has insulted me constantly, mocking me about my body size and constantly rubbing it to my face that, “Hey, you should do something about your body before it gets even more fatter than it already is”. Perhaps, it was a “kind” gesture of him being considerate towards my body that maybe eating too much fattening food is rather concerning or he may not mean any real harm at all. But, I wasn’t insulted by his comment made towards me. I was insulted by the way he view Women, of the way he thinks that it is perfectly okay to make such a comment to a women, or in fact any one. Sure, I do not mind what he has said, but that doesn’t make it right or okay for him to say it. You do not take my kindness for granted. Just because I tolerate it, doesn’t mean I’m okay with being tolerating. I do not care if he was joking about it or if he is being completely serious, what he has done that is NOT ACCEPTABLE. We can all agrees to disagree, but with the comment that he has made, this is reason why every single girl is so insecure about their own body.

We are all beautiful. Despite all our body shape and sizes, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. 

Women are constantly being reminded about how the body size matters. How we should always watch our diet, to have the perfect body shape. No fats around the thigh, no scratch mark, slim waist, flat belly, round butt and big breast. Is this how the world is really viewing women? Because, that is absolutely disgusting. Why do the society always wish to shape us into something that is so not right? Why do people think that is okay? Women can have any body size as they want and not what the society wants them to have. Young girls are under the influence of having big thigh or small breast is a bad thing, they wish to have bodies like the Models. They wish to be accepted into the society. That is not true, at all. Someone on the internet said that, “no plus size model should be called beautiful for there is nothing beautiful about clotted arteries that might lead to obesity or other concerning illness.” We are all entitled by our own opinions, I respect that. But, I do want you to respect that this are the choices made by the people. You do not have a say or part in it.

Every one of us is different and beautiful in our own ways. Small or Big, Thin or Huge, Fat or Thick, it honestly doesn’t matter. We are ourselves. No one should tell us how we should deal with out diet or body shape. No one should tell us how bad we looked with our body shape. No one should bring down our self-confidence and self-esteem. We are who we are, we shouldn’t learn how to fit in, instead we should learn how to stand out from the society. 

I have been called fat throughout my entire life, it hurts at first because I realized that I wasn’t able to be like all the other girls who are slimmer than I am. I wasn’t able to fit in and wear nice pretty dresses (Although, personally I am not a fan of that either). But I was even more hurt when I realized, that body shape shouldn’t be the biggest concern. I shouldn’t be force into something that I am not. Whether I’m fat or not, it is MY BODY and If I’m happy with it, shouldn’t it be all that matters? That is when, I decided to ignore all negativity comment that is targeted to me. Opinions are welcomed, but that doesn’t mean I will listen to it unless it is much needed.

To all the ladies who have been insulted at some point of your time regardless of whatever reason be it your face or body.
Having a Confident and Healthy Mind is far more important than listening to Negative comments that comes out from others. If you’re happy with who you are, continue being happy with it. If you’re not, then find a way to be happy.

Yours Truly,



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