I dreamt of you today. You were giving us a chance to work things out between us. We were taking slow steps in becoming friends again. We were catching up all the years that we’ve missed and times that have lost.

And oh fuck, how happy we are in my dream. We were laughing and trying to understand our new self. Spotting the difference and looked at how much we’ve changed. There’s a thin line of awkwardness for sure, but everything felt so god damn right. For a moment in my dream, I felt happy again. I’m not even thinking about anything except trying to make this friendship work. I was laughing at the things you’ve said and the embarrassing things I’ve done by accident, and you were laughing at me too.

It was as if like, you were the missing piece of happiness in me. Afterall when you left, you did take a piece of me along with you, unknowingly of course.

I miss you. I miss us. I truly do.

But perhaps it was time. Time for me to realized that you were never coming back to me and that dream is like a reality check in life. A sign that I should stop holding onto you, A sign that I should really move on and learn from my past mistake. Learn to mend my broken self and start finding the happiness piece of me. Learn how to be happy again, but this time round, without you.


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