I was so caught up with everyone’s problems that I forgot I got mine. 

I was so caught up with everyone’s feelings that I forgot that I too, have feelings as well.

Everyone is so caught up by what’s going on in their own world has forgotten that I have my own world as well, for I am just like them, a Human. But for some reason, it seems like I don’t have a world anymore. My world seems to only revolve around people that are around me. 

Their problem, are my problems. But my problems aren’t theirs. They act like they cared, but they don’t. To them, no problem is a problem unless it’s their own problem. 

Just like that, I am remembered yet forgotten. 

I am rememebered for what I’ve always done for them but forgotten that I’m a human too. 

A human that feels, someone who has her own problems as well but is willing to help others more than herself. A human that yearns for just a tiny bit of attention, I just need you to ask if I’m okay. I may lie and said “Yes”, but just show me that you truly care for me as I did for you. 

Sometimes I forgot how to feel, and other time I’m so overwhelm by the feeling of hurt and forgotten. 

Fuck everything else. I don’t need much, I just don’t want to be forgotten. 


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