What’s good everyone? My life has been a total mess like always and like every other time I questioned myself if I was making the right decision. 

Every single day I’m screaming inside. Wanting to break down the walls I’ve build and let out my inner me. Wanting to show my vulnerabilities and wanting to break down. But I stay put because how “strong” and “happy” everyone thought I was. Little did they know most of it are just a facade. Even the strongest person breaks apart because we are all humans afterall and what hurts human the most? Feelings. I’m losing this patience I have with myself and in life. God knows how much time I’m left in this world and there’s so much I want to do & wish to do. So much more for me to achieve and so much failure and obstacles to face.

I’m losing my patience in holding on. What is there to hold on when the reason for holding on is not for me but for everyone else? I’m questioning my existence in this life. It’s just one of the moment I have with myself as do every one else in this world. I’m sure I’ll be fine after a good night sleep.



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