Life is all about making decisions. Every decision has a different outcome. Right or wrong decision brings you somewhere. It could be somewhere far from what you’ve expected or you could just be a few steps away from what you wanted. 

In life, everyone regrets something. Regret not studying hard, regret making this decision, regret for not cherishing someone etc. We all regrets an action. I’ve made this decision to let go someone that was dear to me and I’m regretting this decision but somehow it was for the best. In the process of making that decision, I’ve hurt both of us (not really sure if it mattered to that person). It took me years to come to term with myself that I have to apologize for what I’ve done and I will when the time is right. 

Never be afraid to be sorry for what you’ve done. No matter how guilty, how mad or for any god damn reasons. Always apologize for something you’ve done that you know you’re wrong. Don’t live life with regrets. 



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