“She designed the life she loved”

Once again, all pictures are taken from Pinterest and I do not own any unless stated.-

Well, life hasn’t been easy and school was tiring. It’s a lot harder for me to concentrate in class especially when I’m studying a course I do not have passion for. At times like these, I question myself over and over again –  Why am I doing this? What is the purpose of me doing this? Who am I doing it for? I’ve got questions in my head and the answers for every single question but, none of the answers are for me. Despite all the struggles, it’s almost the third week of class and I still have many more to go. All that is left, is to endure the entire year and plan my life again; perhaps this time doing something I love?

I told myself that this platform is for me to jot down my feelings and all, but whenever I tried to get on here and try typing out my feelings, for some reason I just couldn’t do it nor could I utter a single sound. Completely silent would be the best words to describe it. It’s like, I feel overwhelms by all my emotions but, no words could describe how I feel. I’m so damn complicated that I have no idea where this post is gonna lead to.


a girl is willing to let go of her past and forgive others in order to forgive herself for all her sins. 
a girl wishes for nothing more but just happiness. Happiness in others and herself.



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