This post was actually meant to go up on Tuesday instead of today, Thursday but I got lazy. Took this picture after 5 hours of singing on Tuesday – I absolutely missed & love singing. 

Started my first class today. They changed the class venue without even informing us and 5 of us waited in the wrong classroom for nearly 40 minutes, pissed as fuck. The moment I stepped into the class, one word – Regrets. Like why did I even choose this course?! I’m like trying so damn hard to concentrate & absorb as much information as I possibly could. But oh well, there’s no backing out now. (NTS: Study well and TRY to get an “A” for my grades.) 

Skipped lunch & dinner today – Not wise at all especially when the lecture room reek of foods and I was like starving. I’m currently on my way home as I’m typing this, can’t wait to go home and grab a quick bite before sleep. 

I really wish everything could go well & I will be able to pull everythinng through.



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