Be Happy

Thought Of The Day: Why does the rain make me feel so peaceful and relaxed?

This post was suppose to go up yesterday with me ranting about how much I dislike Thursday more than Monday, but don’t think I will be typing my entire rant now since it’s Friday today!

So, a little quick summary of why I dislike Thursday. To me, Thursday seems so near to the weekends yet so far away. I’ve always thought to myself like, “Why can’t today be Friday? So I wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow”. When I was working, many of these bad things happened on a Thursday and a perfect example would be – Yesterday. Things happened during work and I was quite upset which then also mark my last day of work, which to be honest I am so glad about. I’d like to thank my friends for listening to my rants because work would be in a misery if I wasn’t able to rant, so thank you guys (you know who you are, even if no one is reading this but it’s totally ok because like I said before, this is my little journal for me to jot down most things that occured in my life).

So it has been raining the entire day which I am so happy about because I absolutely love the rain. It makes me feel calm, peaceful and relaxed even just for a few minutes. I woke up early in the morning and began job hunting which is not easy. I have never liked the process of finding job, you find a job, you send in resume, you wait, you get an interview, you wait, you received a call and then you start work in a completely new environment with rooms full of strangers. I have learned some pretty good lesson from my previous job and I’m gonna make sure I won’t repeat them again but this is life, you learn from your mistake.

6 more days till I start school, wouldn’t say I’m 100% ready for it but I am quite excited. Taking a year break in 2016 was totally worth it, I needed time to fix myself so I could be a better person this year and it worked. I’ve made a goal with myself in the beginning of 2017 and that is to complete the task that was set for me in 2016 – To do things that I should have done in 2016 (A little weird, but yes) which is surpsingly going damn well. I found a job (which then I lost it again, but at least I worked), I’m going back to school, I chop my hair off (which I’m loving it right now and wish I could have chop more) and I’m on a journey to eating healthy. I’m also loving myself and the others around me more, I’ve stop taking others for granted, I am starting to be more open than before and I am trying out new things.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being happy with yourself and everyone around you. You don’t need anyone to teach you how to be happy, for happiness cannot be taught. You don’t need anyone to teach you how to love, for love comes within your heart and you definitely don’t need anyone’s opinion to tell you how to live your own life. You do you, and as long as you’re happy that is enough.



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